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About Us

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Quality plastics manufacturing

ILR industries is an industry leader in providing companies innovative and cost-efficient alternatives to manufacturing their plastics products. With its facilities in Ontario, we serve a wide range of industries. ILR combines its decades of experience in plastics manufacturing with modern manufacturing techniques to provide innovative options and solutions. We’ve been helping clients manufacture and distribute across North America for more than 20 years. We help clients take basic product ideas through development and engineering, prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and into the customers hands.


Our injection molding machinery ranges from 75 to 720 MT with both vertical and horizontal molding capabilities within our 60,000 square feet facility. Including:
• Horizontal injection molding
• Vertical molding
• Insert molding
• Over Molding

ILR deals with a wide range of materials from PVC to Nylon 6 and most materials in between.

We are well experienced and knowledgeable in using recycled content taking advantage of both cost and ‘green’ initiatives.

As well, customers have access to our in-house blending, pelletizing and recycling capabilities. With our two pelletizing lines we are able to source, formulate and reprocess an optimal material for your product needs.

We can assist you in the development of an inventory management system that helps customers stay lean, competitive and profitable

ILR provides finishing and packaging for many of its clients, generating a finalized product ready for shipment direct to retailers or individual customers

ILR can assist you in product development. Offering you access to our in-house engineering and 3D printing capabilities, as well as access to our years of experience in helping clients get their product to market in the most manageable and cost-effective way.