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Injection Molding

ILR Industries has been an industry leader in providing companies looking for easier, innovative and logical alternatives to manufacturing their products.

With 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have provided our customers with dynamic solutions across injection processes.

The Staff at ILR has maintained a continued focus on “training and development” of all their staff. Our training programs have become the foundation we have been able to build all aspects of our manufacturing. Trained staff work through a strongly detailed and documented manufacturing process that ensures quality, efficiency and success!

ILR is proud of its large warehouse space in which we store product and materials on site for large material purchases and for quick turnaround times on product delivery to our customers.

With our wide range of molding machines, we are able to facilitate all the requirements for a large family of tooling related to a full line products, or to accomodate a customer with one mold and product.