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Insert Molding

ILR has decades of experience in insert molding of automotive and construction products. Our people are trained to meet the precise and unique requirements that many of these parts demand to ensure their safe and secure application.

• Insert molding is the process of molding plastic around preformed metal inserts. This process is compatible with both thermoplastic and thermoset materials.

Insert: most commonly a smaller metal part that is placed into the mold prior to the injection cycle. An example would be an insert is often used in situations where metal threads are required for assembly between multiple parts.

Over Molding

ILR has helped several companies to develop, improve and maximize, their over molded products. Ensuring proper bonding and adhesion is critical to over molding but so is form and function of the molded part. Whether it be gasketing, a hinge feature or the basic need for a second or softer material for the application of a product, our years experience in the industry is an asset to customers every step of the way.

• Over molding is the process in which a primary or rigid component is manufactured in a primary mold and then, often as a secondary operation, that part is inserted into another mold for a secondary material to be injected onto, or to encapsulate in the first in some way.

• Frequently used where both a rigid and flexible component to a part are required, possibly for a seal or live hinge.

• Both materials used have a compatibility to each other for proper bonding.