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Material Reprocessing & Sourcing

ILR Understands the global effects plastics have on our oceans and lands. We work with customers who are looking for recycling options and solutions for their business and provide insight on ways to incorporate an awareness of the environment within their product design and manufacturing.

Whether to develop a product that is highly reusable and recyclable or whether to develop a product using recycled content for both environment and cost advantages.

At ILR we recycle, through grinding, reprocessing and manufacturing, over 2 million pounds of commodity resins per year! But if your needs are higher end material to produce a low tolerance and high precision part with absolute consistency, traceability and low margin for error; we can help source that for you as well. With our purchasing of prime resin at another 2 million pounds per year, we have the purchasing power with our suppliers to secure the best deal for our customers.

So whatever your material needs, ILR can offer you an advantage!