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Product Development

ILR works with our customers on great new ideas or fresh and innovative versions of old ideas, through the planning, prototyping and productions stages of product development.

During the planning stage, we work with the customer to understand their vision, reviewing available processes and materials as well as developing an understanding with the customer of the relationship between complexity and costs. Possibly removing items that cost to manufacture but do not add value while making recommendations on possible features that could add value without driving cost.

The next stage of product development is always the most exciting for customers, with our in-house capabilities we take that vision; create a computerized 3D model and then a functioning prototype. Our prototypes are made to extreme tolerances and will give you the look and feel of what your final product will be.

The final stage is to manufacture tooling and move into production with the innovative and cost-effective product the customer requires. Our flexibility in manufacturing and advanced processing methods offer our customers the competitiveness they need for success.

3D modeling and prototyping

At ILR, we have in house capabilities to create a prototype from 3D drawings created by our engineering team or provided by you, the valued customer. We have focused primarily on using FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) as our experience has shown it to be the best solution to provide the customer a highly accurate part using a functioning standard resin.

We are able to provide basic parts to assist in form, fit and function or more complicated pieces which are a combination of several interconnected pieces. Once in the customer’s hands, they can really get an understanding of their vision. We can make changes and modifications and recreate parts, most times by the next day. ILR makes it easy to ensure the customer’s time to market is fast, effective and efficient.

What always surprises our customers through this process is the ability we have at ILR, to provide the level of service we do.

An idea has come to life!


Manufacturing of tooling involves our ILR team analyzing the 3d geometry from the approved part, applying some basic plastics manufacturing principles and adding our years of experience to provide the customer with the most efficient and cost-effective solution available. We take into account volume, complexity of the part(s), complexity of the required tooling, materials engineering and based on part performance, overall part geometry, shrinking rates and best suited tooling material selections.

Production trials and approvals: upon completion of the tooling we test the customers new mold at our facility. We debug the tooling, manufacture preliminary parts and at this stage, apply the finishing touches to perfecting the process. The ILR team then puts the new part into the customers’ hands for their final review. Upon final approval, ILR takes the customers product into full production, confident in having chosen ILR as their manufacturer of choice.